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01 February 2016
ENARTIS PRO FT & XP: remove copper from fermenting musts and boost the varietal aromas
Copper and other metals are catalysts of oxidation reactions that can lead to loss of aromas, browning, pinking and loss of colour. Copper ions, in particular, can bind thiols, characteristic of varieties like Sauvignon Blanc, decreasing the aromatic complexity and intensity, and the varietal character of the resulting wines. Enartis R&D team has worked extensively in developing techniques that allow the winemaker to remove copper and other metals from wine in the early stages of fermentation, thus protecting the varietal aromas.
What happens when wine is fermented with oak derivatives? Discover Enartis Incanto range
When released into wine, wood compounds enhance structure and the perceived sweetness of wine, impact the aromatic profile and can help colour stabilization. What are you looking for? Aroma? Mouthfeel? Structure? Sweetness? Consult this document. Trust the experiences that many winemakers made with the Incanto chips and make your choice!
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