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23 August 2017


We've all experienced it at one time or another. Brix numbers stop dropping, temperatures begin to fall and, before you know it, your fermentation comes to a halt. Stuck or sluggish fermentations can be costly in terms of labor, time and product quality. This not only applies to primary alcoholic fermentation, but also to malolactic fermentation. Be prepared! Join Enartis USA for this webinar addressing the following topics: Preventing sluggish or stuck primary fermentations Stuck or sluggish fermentations: What to do next? Tools for strong malolactic fermentation 20 minute Q & A This is the last webinar in our 2017 Harvest Series, don't miss out! Fee: Free! Date & Time: August 29, 9:30am PDT

Instructions to participate in the webinar:
1.    Use this link to register for the webinar. After registering, you should receive a follow-up email with a personalized link to the webinar. You can test your connectivity to the webinar by following the link provided in that email. You may be prompted to download the latest version of Flashplayer - you will need download the latest version to participate in the webinar. It is a good idea to check your connectivity prior to the webinar date to ensure ample time to address any connectivity issues you may encounter before the webinar commences.
2.    Alternatively, if you cannot connect through your computer because you cannot download Flashplayer, you may also access the webinar through your tablet or smartphone via the Onstream webinar application. To download the app, simply click the webinar link with your smartphone or tablet and you will be redirected to the application download.
3.    Once you have downloaded the application, re-click the link for the webinar in the email and you should be directed to the webinar. If not, tap "tap here." Please note that you cannot use the chat function with your smartphone or tablet.
4.    The best connection is through a physical Ethernet cable, but Wi-Fi can also be used for this webinar. If you find that you are not connecting and are stuck on "trying to find the best connection," try closing the browser window, and relaunching the webinar through the link.



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