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11 February 2019


Over the past 15 years, wildfires have become increasingly more common in the dry summer months for wine growing regions all over the world. Smoke exposed vineyards can result in smoke tainted wines with undesirable sensory aromatic and mouthfeel qualities which detract from overall wine impression. Please join Enartis USA for a free educational webinar where we will present the following updates on smoke taint: • Analysis of smoke taint, interpreting results • Remediation of smoke taint, what options exist, how well they work • Other important information about smoke taint Date & Time: Tuesday, February 19 - 9-10am PST - h. 17:00 GMT+1 Fee: Free!

Instructions to participate in the webinar: 

1.  Register here for the webinar. You will receive an email after registering with a personalized link for the webinar. If you don't receive this email within several hours of registering, contact Webinato support team to request a link: https://support.webinato.com

2.  You may be prompted to download the latest version of Flashplayer (download the latest version to participate in the webinar). It is a good idea to check your connectivity prior to the webinar date to ensure ample time to address any connectivity issues you may encounter before the webinar commences. 

3.  The best connection is through a physical Ethernet cable. Wi-Fi can also be used from a desktop computer. Alternatively, you may also access the webinar through a tablet or smartphone via the Webinato webinar application, downloadble in your app store. 

If you require anymore information please contact: education@enartis.com

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