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11 Dicembre 2017


La contaminazione microbiologica può avere effetti molto negativi sulla qualità del vino. I microrganismi responsabili di questi difetti sono organismi opportunistici che sono difficili da controllare. Oggi gli enologi hanno a disposizione nuovi strumenti per prevenire ed eliminare i microrganismi indesiderati attraverso l'affinamento, evitando così la filtrazione e l'uso di sostanze chimiche antimicrobiche. Enartis USA terrà il 21 dicembre prossimo alle 18 ora italiana, un webinar interattivo e gratuito di 45 minuti su strumenti e strategie di vinificazione innovativi per un controllo microbico ottimale.

Microbial contamination can have major negative effects on wine quality. Capable of developing at any time during the winemaking process, spoilage microbes are opportunistic organisms which are difficult to control and eliminate. Recent developments offer winemakers new tools to remove undesirable microorganisms through fining, thereby avoiding filtration and reducing labor, wine movement and the use of anti-microbial chemicals. Join Enartis USA for a 45 minute interactive webinar on innovative winemaking tools and strategies for optimal microbial control.

Fee: Free!

Date & Time: December 21, 9am PST

Location: At your desk! This is an web-based meeting.

Instructions to participate in the webinar: 

  1. Use this link to register for the webinar. After registering, you should receive a follow-up email with a personalized link to the webinar. You can test your connectivity to the webinar by following the link provided in that email. You may be prompted to download the latest version of Flashplayer (you will need download the latest version to participate in the webinar). It is a good idea to check your connectivity prior to the webinar date to ensure ample time to address any connectivity issues you may encounter before the webinar commences.
  2. Alternatively, if you cannot connect through your computer because you cannot download Flashplayer, you may also access the webinar through your tablet or smartphone via the Webinato webinar application. (However, for the best viewing experience, it is recommended to view the webinar from a desktop computer.) To download the app, simply search "webinato" in your app store to find the application.
  3. Once you have downloaded the application, re-click the link for the webinar in the email and you should be directed to the webinar. 
  4. The best connection is through a physical Ethernet cable, but Wi-Fi can also be used for this webinar.
  5. For any technical issues with regards to the webinato platform, visit their support site at https://support.webinato.com for FAQs.

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