07 Febbraio 2018


Finalmente è arrivato il giorno dell’imbottigliamento, quando si mette un tappo sul vino su cui si è lavorato duramente per mesi, forse anni. I giorni pima dell’imbottigliamento sono l'ultima possibilità che un enologo ha per stabilizzare il vino, poiché è quasi impossibile affrontare un problema di stabilità del vino in bottiglia. Quindi unisciti anche tu a Enartis USA per un breve webinar interattivo di 40 minuti in cui si discuterà di: • Le instabilità potenziali del vino • Test per la stabilità del vino inbottigliato • Come risolvere i problemi di stabilità Il webinar si terrà il 20 febbraio prossimo alle 18:00 ora italiana.

At last the day has come to seal the deal, and put a cork (or screwcap) on the wine which was toiled over for months, perhaps years. Just prior to bottling is the last chance a winemaker has to ensure wine is stable, as the likelihood of addressing a wine stability issue in the bottle is oftentimes very slim. Please join Enartis USA for a short, 40 minute interactive webinar where we will discuss:

  • Potential wine instabilities
  • Testing for bottle stability
  • Remediation of stability issues

Fee: Free!

Date & Time: February 20, 9am PST

This webinar will also feature a 20 minute Q&A on relevant topics with an Enartis technical winemaker. Please register here to attend.

Instructions to participate in the webinar: 

  1. Use this link to register for the webinar. After registering, you should receive a follow-up email with a personalized link to the webinar. You can test your connectivity to the webinar by following the link provided in that email. You may be prompted to download the latest version of Flashplayer (you will need download the latest version to participate in the webinar). It is a good idea to check your connectivity prior to the webinar date to ensure ample time to address any connectivity issues you may encounter before the webinar commences.
  2. Alternatively, if you cannot connect through your computer because you cannot download Flashplayer, you may also access the webinar through your tablet or smartphone via the Webinato webinar application. (However, for the best viewing experience, it is recommended to view the webinar from a desktop computer.) To download the app, simply search "webinato" in your app store to find the application.
  3. Once you have downloaded the application, re-click the link for the webinar in the email and you should be directed to the webinar. 
  4. The best connection is through a physical Ethernet cable, but Wi-Fi can also be used for this webinar.
  5. For any technical issues with regards to the webinato platform, visit their support site at https://support.webinato.com for FAQs.
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