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Enartis Microbiologists, Arnold Kemp and Kevin Calderon, will conduct two levels of workshops on microscope techniques: 

Microscope Workshop Level 1
This two-hour workshop, designed for beginner to intermediate levels, includes general microscope maintenance, Kohler illumination, identification of wine yeast and bacteria, yeast viability staining, and discussion on PCR and culture plating. If possible, we strongly recommend bringing your own microscope to the class. There will only be one microscope available for attendees to share. 

Microscope Workshop Level 2
This three-hour workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced levels. We strongly recommend bringing your own microscope to the class and doing the Level 1 Microscope Workshop before Level 2. Topics includes:

  • Techniques used to detect and identify microbes: Wet mounts, SDPC, spread plates, streak plates and serial dilution, viability via methylene blue staining and cell count via hemocytometer
  • Discussion of winemaking tools available for contaminated wines
  • Identification of sediments and hazes
  • Practical microbe identification and debris-laden samples 

These hands-on classes will be limited to 12 people in order for each participant to receive individual attention to further their knowledge of microbiological techniques, microscope maintenance, and microbe identification.

Microscope Workshop Level 1

  • February 14, 10am-12pm
  • April 18, 10am-12pm
  • June 13, 10am-12pm

Microscope Workshop Level 2

  • March 14, 9am-12pm
  • May 16, 9am-12pm
  • June 18, 9am-12pm 

$350/person for Level 1 and Level 2
$200/person for Level 1 or Level 2
No refunds will be given three days prior to the session or thereafter. 

Enartis USA Education Center
7975 Cameron Drive, #1800
Windsor, CA  95492

Three ways to register:

  1. Submit this form to education@enartis.com
  2. Register via www.enartis.com
  3. Call (707) 838-6312
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