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Enartis Stab Micro M does not contain allergenic ingredients and is not required to be listed on wine labels.

Enartis Stab Micro M is a fining agent that controls the growth of a large number of unwanted non-Saccharomyces yeast and bacteria that are present in must and wine. It also facilitates the flocculation and removal of these microbes.It has a synergic antimicrobial effect with SO2.

Enartis Stab Micro M was specifically designed for treating cloudy liquids. Purified yeast hulls,rich in Beta-glucans,form a protective net that improves chitosan antimicrobial effect and availability to react with micro-organisms.

Enartis Stab Micro M inhibits a wide spectrum of microorganism growth, acting by contact while in suspension.

CO2 produced in fermentation helps product activity. Good initial homogenization also increases its inhibiting effect. At the recommended dosage, its effect on Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeas tis insignificant and does not affect alcoholic fermentation.

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