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Enartis Stab Revolution

Enartis Stab Revolution - Stab Micro Revolution

Activated chitosan for the control of wine spoilage microorganisms
Allergen free and without animal derivative products

Enartis Stab Micro M: Control of spoilage microorganisms from the early stages of vinification until MLF
Enartis Stab Micro: Control of spoilage microorganisms during wine maturation

• Production of SO2-free wine
• Delay or avoid malolactic fermentation
• Prevent bacteria and non-Saccharomyces contamination
• Microbial control during sluggish and stuck fermentation
• Microbial control of base wines for sparkling wine production
• Microbial control of wines for distillation
• Allergen free alternative to lysozyme, and SO2

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