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17 January 2018


Why flotation is so important? Flotation is widely used as a juice clarification technique to remove solids in a quick and efficient way.

Flotation is widely used as a juice clarification technique to remove solids in a quick and efficient way. This process requires the injection of small bubbles of nitrogen or air into a pressurised chamber where the enzyme-treated juice is dosed with fining agents. With flotation, juice is clarified to a desired level of turbidity and is ready to ferment within a couple of hours after pressing, contrary to traditional methods that depend on gravity and time. In conclusion, flotation is a very simple process but can have a big impact on your objectives and improve your workflow and processing capacity.

How to increase the effectiveness of flotation

Quickly reduce juice viscosity
Juice viscosity depends on temperature and pectin content. The addition of a rapid-acting enzyme that can break down pectins and reduce viscosity is necessary before flocculation. Enartis ZYM RS contains specific pectolytic activities designed to accelerate and facilitate this process. Depending on grape variety, maturity, pH and acidity of the juice, the dosage of enzyme must be adjusted each year. Performing a simple pectin test is sufficient to determine the addition rate to ensure the complete depectinisation of the juice at a time and temperature more convenient for the winery.

Help the formation of big and light flocs
HYDROCLAR 30, solution, containing 30% of a medium hydrolysed gelatine, is recommended for the flotation of high- quality juice. HYDROCLAR 45, a 45% solution obtained from a very hydrolysed gelatine, is recommended when strong removal of phenols is required.
In case of vegetarian- and vegan- friendly wine production, we suggest PLANTIS AF. This pure pea protein is very effective for clarifying the juice and forming compact lees. Additionally, it helps to remove iron thus minimising the risk of haze, browning, pinking and loss of aromatics.

Bentonite (PLUXCOMPACT or VITIBEN) and silica sol (SILFLOC) can be used together with the protein fining to improve clarification, lees compaction and wine protein stability.

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