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10 March 2017


Enartis will be hosting a series of Webinars discussing various winemaking topics. This second interactive webinar will explain who are the actors of the non-enzymatic oxidation reactions and what innovative tools can be used to extend wine shelf life. This free and easy to join webinar will be hosted by Enartis USA on Tuesday the 28th March from 9:30 - 10:30 California time (19,30 - 20,30 Athens; 18,30 - 19,30 Wien; 17,30 - 18,30 Lisboa)


Webinar hosted by Enartis USA

Enartis has developed a new strategy dedicated to the extension of wine shelf life. This approach will help to preserve wine freshness when stored for a prolonged period of time as well as extend shelf life after bottling. Topics for this 45 minute presentation include:

  • Understanding non-enzymatic oxidation reactions: who are the actors?
  • Focus on heavy metals, catalyzers of oxidation reactions, and catechins - precursors of browning: their role in premature ageing and how to control and remove them.
  • Innovative winemaking tools to improve resistance to oxidation, conservation and redox potential.
  • 15 minute interactive Q+A on related topics at the end of webinar

Date & Time
Tuesday, March 28
9:30-10:30am California time (19,30 - 20,30 Athens; 18,30 - 19,30 Wien; 17,30 - 18,30 Lisboa)

Fee: Free!

Instructions to participate in the webinar:

  1. Start by registering for the webinar FIRST. To do this, email your name and company to education@enartis.com.  Please do not skip this step!! It is important that you pre-register with us before the webinar.
  2. Decide which device you would like to use to observe the webinar. While some portable, handheld devices may work for this meeting, it is advised that you use a PC or Macbook to be able to participate in the Q+A at the end of the webinar.
  3. Before the day of the webinar, visit the "Link to Webinar" hyperlink below on the device you plan to use. If the link does not work, try a different device or web browser (Safari, Firefox, or Chrome). Google Chrome is the most compatible browser for this webinar application. You may be prompted to download a plug-in for this meeting. This plug-in is required to use the web browser Skype app.
  4. Once at the Skype for Business meeting portal, fill in your name and click login. You should be routed to the meeting where you will be able to view the webinar.
  5. If you can join this meeting, then great! Leave the meeting, and use this link again for the webinar on February 28th at 9:30am using the same device and browser. If the link does not work, consult Skype for Business web App support, or repeat steps 3-4 on a different device or web browser.

Link to webinar


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