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EnartisFerm EZFerm 44

EnartisFerm EZFerm improved! This strain combines high alcohol tolerance (17.5%), strong fermentation kinetics and minimal nutritional needs with a strong affinity for fructose metabolism. EnartisFerm EZFerm 44 is the recommended yeast for solving problems of sluggish and stuck fermentations.

EnartisFerm EZFerm

Strains highly successful in preventing sluggish and stuck fermentations, with high alcohol tolerance (16.5%), minimal nitrogen needs, wide range of fermentation temperatures (12-34°C), and a great capacity to dominate over the wild flora. It respects the varietal aromatic characteristics of the grape.

EnartisFerm WS

Isolated from late harvest Zinfandel from Williams Selyem Winery, EnartisFerm WS is considered one of the most robust California yeast strains. It is well suited for a wide spectrum of red and white varietals and is recommended for fermentation of high °Brix juice and to restart stuck fermentations. EnartisFerm WS respects varietal and terroir characters and boosts fruit and spice expression, while contributing to both excellent complexity and structure enhancement with soft tannin extraction. It is particularly recommended for the production of high alcohol wines destined for medium- to long-term ageing


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