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Mextar 2.0 EN

Mextar 2.0 EN is a software tool that will help answer recurring questions such as:
Is a wine at risk for tartaric precipitations (potassium bitartrate and/or calcium tartrate)
What will be the impact on total acidity and pH after tartrate stabilization And after malolactic fermentation
How much acid should be added to achieve a targeted pH or total acidity
What will the change in buffer capacity be Mextar 2.0.en is a Decision Support System
(DSS) that provides the basis for important winemaking choices. As it utilizes actual measured wine parameters, it is not merely a computer science application. Thus you will feel confident in making correct decisions for various treatment operations in the winery. Mextar 2.0.en uses typical analytical data: density, alcohol content, pH, total acidity, tartaric acid, K+ and Ca++ (relative to calcium tartrate precipitation) to give practical indications in innovative ways for tartaric stability, control of chemical-physical state of wines and of buffer capacity. Moreover, acidification/deacidification operations can be simulated as well as chemical changes resulting from malolactic fermentation. Mextar 2.0.en was developed by enologists, for specific winemaking applications. Potential users are winemakers, assistant winemakers, enologists, enological consultants and laboratories, wine cellar technicians and bottling facilities.

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