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Alla France Ebulliometer Thermometer

Alla France Thermometer replacement w/no stopper for Elec. Ebulliometer (50-028-0010)
with precision & traceability certificate.

Inspect thermometers for bubbles or separation before using.
Stopper option:
1) Rubber stopper 50-033-0000 for Alcohol LDS M360 model
2) Silicone stopper 50-037-0004 for elec ebulliometer 50-028-0010

87 to 101 °C scale partial immersion in yellow glass
[ F scale: 188.60 to 213.8 degrees °F – not marked on thermometer]

The boiling point of water is 100 °C (212 F) at standard pressure.
The boiling point decreases 1°C every 285 m of elevation, or 1°F every 500 ft.

Thermometer liquid columns can become separated during shipment.
The column can be reunited by getting the liquid to run down. This can be accomplished by holding the thermometer in an upright position and gingerly tapping the stem above the separation against the palm of your hand. As you gently tap the thermometer, observe the liquid above the separation until it breaks away from the wall of the capillary and runs down to join the main column.

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