Laboratory Supplies

Case for Atago Pal Series Refractometers

Case for Atago Pal Series refractometers, including the PAL-1 digital handheld model.

Atago Handheld Master Alpha Refractometer, 0 to 53 Brix

Atago Master Alpha, handheld refractometer for measuring 0 to 53 brix, +/-.5%. 10-30*C. The refractometer […]

Alla France Refractometer

Alla France Hand Held Refractometer, 0.2% brix with ATC

Atago Digital Handheld PAL-1 Refractometer, 0.0 to 53.0 Brix

Atago Digital Handheld PAL-1 for measuring 0.0 to 53.0 brix. This refractometer is small enough […]

Atago PEN-PRO, 0.0-85.0 Brix

Atago PEN-Pro allows for Brix measurement by dipping the instrument into juice or must. The […]

Alla France Digital Refractometer

0-85 Brix 0.1% Brix/Refractive index 1.3330 – 1.51000 with ATC


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