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Device for semi-quantitative detection of Brettanomyces in alcoholic beverages.

SystemSURE Plus, Hygiena ATP Luminometer

Luminometer for testing the absence or presence of organisms in bottling lines, tanks, etc.

SystemSURE, Ultrasnap ATP Swab

Winery surfaces are sampled with the Ultrasnap ATP Swab and placed into the SystemSURE ATP […]

Petri Dishes, Sterile

Petri dishes for microbiology cultures.

Petri Dishes, Sterile

Petri dishes for microbiology cultures.

Glass Hockey Stick

Glass hockey sticks to spread a sample on a culture plate.

Immersion Oil

Resolve immersion oil.

Lens Paper

Paper for cleaning a microscope lens.

Slides, 25x75 mm

Microscope slides for organism count and identification.

Cover Slips

Cover slips for microscope slides.

Tongs, 9 1/2

9 1/2 crucible tongs designed for use in handling a wide variety of laboratory apparatus […]

Sterile Pipets, Individually Wrapped

Individually-wrapped, sterile, disposable pipets.

Filter Forceps

Forceps used to handle filter paper.


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