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Laboratory Supplies

Tubing 1/4" clear, PVC, Lab Grade, 1 ft

1/4 ID PVC, lab grade tubing for connections.

Regular Clamp Holder

Regular clamp holder for use on a support stand or wherever a 90 degree angle […]

1/4 ID Amber Latex Tubing

1/4 ID amber latex rubber tubing for all kinds of connections.

Quick-Disconnect Connector

Connector that provides fast, smooth connections of tubing.

Nalgene Airejector Aspiration Pump

Nalgene airejector aspiration pump for air removal.


Clamps for all types of plastic and rubber tubing. Two are included in the SO2 […]

Clip Joint Clamp, Green

Standard clip joint clamp in green.

Black, Stamped Steel Support Stand

Support stand with a steel rod and black, stamped steel base.

100 mL Side Port Flask

100 mL side port flask for the SO2 A/O setup.

Support Ring of Flask

Support ring for flask, made of compressed cork, for the SO2 A/O setup.


Bubbler/stopper for the side port flask in the SO2 A/O setup.

Stopper/Glass Tubing Adapter

Stopper/glass tubing adapter for the SO2 A/O setup.

Impinger Set

Impinger set for the A/O apparatus includes the impinger top and bottom.

Accuflow 5000

The Accuflow 5000 works as a vacuum pump, timer and flowmeter for the SO2 A/O […]

Plastic Impinger Base

Plastic impinger base for the SO2 A/O apparatus.

Impinger Top

Impinger top for the SO2 A/O apparatus.

Impinger Bottom

Impinger bottom for the SO2 A/O apparatus.

Graham Condenser, 300mm

300 mm jacket length graham condenser. Joint size: 24/40. Condenser has top standard taper outer […]

Heating Mantle Controller (Optional)

The heating mantle controller is optional for the A/O setup. A solid state, proportional voltage […]

Heating Mantle Extension Support

Heating mantle extension with 6 inch support ring that attaches to ring stand or distillation […]

Heating Mantle, Series M

The M Series heating mantle has a durable aluminum housing outside and resilient glass fabric […]

Electrothermal Heating Mantle with Controller

The Electrothermal heating mantle with controller features a vented case that creates an airflow, allowing […]

Free SO2 Setup No. 2 with Nalgene Aspirator, Flowtube, Clamps and Support Stand

Aeration-oxidation apparatus complete setup No. 2 with Nalgene aspirator, flowtube, clamps and support stand for […]

Free SO2 Setup No. 3 with AccuFlow (pump/Timer/Flowmeter), Clamps and Support Stand

Aeration-oxidation apparatus complete setup No. 3 with Accuflow 5000 (pump/timer/flowmeter), clamps and support stand for […]


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