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Claril ZW

  • Vegan fining agent made from plant protein, chitosan and sodium activated bentonite.
  • Designed for the clarification of white and rosé wines that are meant to be tartrate stabilized with colloid addition (Zenith and CMC).
  • Effective in improving protein stability and eliminating unstable colloids that can affect wine clarification and filterability.

EnartisTan MEL

  • Liquid preparation of ellagic tannin extracted from toasted American and French oak.
  • Designed to be used during wine maturation to prevent reduction and protect wine from oxidation.
  • In barrel-aged wines, it helps to enhance oak profile (caramel, coconut, coffee and cocoa).
  • The liquid form makes it easy-to-use.

Pure Bento

  • Powdered calcium bentonite sodium activated. Selected from the purest natural bentonites to meet the strictest requirements from the food industry.
  • Very large adsorption surface, high protein removal capacity.
  • Removal of unstable color and pinking matter.


  • Granulated calcium bentonite sodium activated.
  • Generates limited amount of compact lees.

Pluxbenton N

  • Granular sodium bentonite.
  • Excellent protein removal and good clarification properties.
  • Reduces riboflavin, the molecule responsible for “light-struck” defect in white wines.

Bentolit Super

  • Powdered calcium bentonite sodium activated.
  • Excellent clarification with good protein removal.

Clairperlage Uno

  • Selected bentonites and plant proteins.
  • Highly effective in removing unstable proteins while preserving mannoprotein content and wine foaming properties.
  • Improves clarity and eliminates components that have negative effect on foam.

Recommendations: Base wine; clarification; protein stability; respect foaming properties; lees compaction; allergen-free.


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