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EnartisZym EZFilter

  • Liquid enzymatic preparation with primary pectolytic and betaglucanase activities and secondary rhamnosidase and hemicellulase activities.
  • Improves clarification and filterability of must and wine due to its ability to hydrolyze pectins and polysaccharides from grapes and polysaccharides produced by microorganisms, such as glucans.
  • Can be used also to accelerate the release of mannoproteins both in fermentation and during maturation on lees.

Proclair BC

  • Bentonite, PVPP and cellulose.
  • Eliminates oxidases and polyphenols responsible for oxidation.
  • Improves protein stability while respecting foaming capacity.
  • Increases freshness and shelf life of base wines.

Recommendations: Juice clarification; protein stability; freshen base wine; respect foaming properties

Stabyl MET

  • PVI/PVP (polyvinylimidazole/polyvinylpyrrolidone) and silica.
  • Absorbs metals (high affinity with Cu) and removes hydroxycinnamic acids and low molecular weight catechins.
  • Limits oxidation, browning and destruction of varietal thiols.
  • Prevents pinking and formation of copper haze.

Tip: To increase effectiveness, keep Stabyl MET in suspension in wine for at least 1-2 hours.

Recommendations: Prevent oxidation; reduce browning; remove bitterness.


  • Pure polyvinylpolypyrrolidone.
  • Highly effective in removing oxidized and oxidizable polyphenols, browning compounds and off-flavors.
  • Prevents and treats oxidation, prevents pinking and reduces bitterness.

Recommendations: Treat and prevent oxidation; reduce browning; remove bitterness; press wines.


  • Liquid food grade gelatin. Medium-high molecular weight.
  • Very effective for clarification.
  • Improves balance and eliminates excessive astringency without affecting wine structure.

Recommendations: Clarification; reduce astringency; young red wines.

EnartisZym Quick

  • Liquid pectolytic enzyme preparation developed for juice clarification by continuous flotation.
  • The unique proportion of the different pectolytic activities (pectin lyase, polygalacturonase and pectinesterase) allows a faster pectin hydrolysis, resulting in a faster decrease of the viscosity.

Reccomendations: Clarification by continuous flotation

Neoclar AF

  • Bentonite, gelatin and activated carbon.
  • Ensures fast clarification with minimal volume of lees.
  • Improves organoleptic cleanliness of wine, reduces herbaceous characters and contributes to protein stability.

Recommendations: Improve cleanliness; reduce herbaceous notes; remove off-flavors.

Claril SP

  • Bentonite, PVPP, potassium caseinate and silica.
  • Prevents and treats oxidation, browning and pinking.
  • Improves aromatic cleanliness and reduces bitterness.

Recommendations: Improve cleanliness; treat oxidation; reduce browning; reduce bitterness.

Fenol Free

  • Enological activated carbon in powder form.
  • Deodorizing, high affinity with volatile phenols related to Brettanomyces and smoke taint.
  • Low effect on wine color.

Enoblack Super

  • Enological activated carbon in powder form.
  • High decolorizing capacity.
  • Removes ochratoxin A (OTA).


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