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EnartisTan FT

A blend of condensed tannins, mainly extracted from fresh, physiologically ripe, white grape seeds. These proanthocyanidinic tannins interact with anthocyanins (the molecules responsible for color in red wines), binding and protecting them from oxidation. The use of EnartisTan FT in the first phases of vinification allows for better development and retention of color over time. When used in both red and white wine, it helps eliminate herbaceousness, highlight fruit characters and freshen aromas.

EnartisTan CIT

A blend of gallic and condensed tannins extracted from exotic species wood. The low temperatures used during the extraction process of the condensed tannin preserve aromatic precursors in the wood that enhances the fruit and floral notes of the resulting wines. These characters are especially evident when paired with high ß-glycosidase activity yeast (EnartisFerm Top Essence, Vintage White, ES181 e QCitrus).


  • Potassium metabisulfite, ascorbic acid and hydrolyzable tannins.
  • Strong antioxidant and antimicrobial actions. When used on grapes, AST acts as an antibacterial and antioxidant.
  • Very effective in preventing atypical ageing off-flavors

Recommendations: Antioxidant; moldy grapes; antimicrobial; harvest machine; grape transport.

EnartisStab Micro M

  • Preparation of pre-activated chitosan from Aspergillus niger and purified yeast hulls.
  • Allergen-free, vegan alternative to lysozyme and SO2 for antimicrobial properties.
  • Designed for treatment of grapes, juice or must.
  • Interacts with a wide spectrum of microorganisms, reduces their activity and growth and precipitates them.
  • Reduces sulfide defects, volatile phenols, volatile acidity and off-flavor production.
  • Improves clarification and filterability.

Tip: Use EnartisStab Micro M as a preventive treatment on grapes or juice to improve Saccharomyces dominance, limit stuck fermentations and produce clean aromas.


  • Effervescent, granulated potassium metabisulfite.
  • Strong antioxidant and antimicrobial effects.
  • When added to grapes, it assures a homogeneous and a rapid release of SO2, minimizing oxidation during transport from vineyard to winery.
  • When added to wine, it rapidly dissolves, assuring a homogeneous and rapid distribution of SO2 without requiring pump-overs in tank volumes of up to 50,000 L (13,200 gal).

Recommendations: Sulfiting tank; homogeneous SO2 released; wines; juices; grapes; grapes transport.


Winy is produced from high quality raw materials, without metals which could favor oxidation of potassium metabisulfite. Winy undergoes a purification process that eliminates oxygen and sulfites that could create sulfates. Enartis controls and guarantees the technical specifications of its products. The specifications of Winy are often better than those specified by law and the average concentration values are often higher.

  • Pure and high quality potassium metabisulfite.
  • Low odor (less irritation), easy to dissolve, low clumping formulation.
  • Scavenges oxygen and oxidation byproducts.
  • Prevents juice browning by inhibiting oxidasic enzymes.
  • Wide spectrum antimicrobial.

EnartisTan Elegance

  • Condensed tannin extracted from exotic species wood, grape skin tannin and gallic tannin.
  • Antioxidant, it protects from browning and preserves aromatic freshness.
  • Enhances fruit and floral notes, balances mouthfeel and increases wine length.
  • Improves aromatic stability and freshness throughout ageing.

Recommendations: Antioxidant; increase wine length; floral aromas; white and rosé wines.

EnartisTan Fruitan

  • Condensed tannins mostly extracted from white grape seeds.
  • Protects anthocyanins from oxidation and improves color stability.
  • Reduces herbaceous notes, enhances fruit characters and freshens aromas.
  • Improves structure and length without imparting astringency.

Recommendations: Color stability; fruity aromas; reduce herbaceous notes; unripe grapes; smoke tainted grapes; thermovinification; flash détente; red and rosé wines.

EnartisTan Microfruit

  • Ellagic tannins exracted from oak and condensed tannins from grape seeds, red fruit tree wood and exotic species wood.
  • Specifically developed for micro-oxygenation, it has a synergistic effect with oxygen on color stabilization.
  • Enhances aromas of fresh red fruit, reduces herbaceous notes, increases softness and reduces bitterness.

Tip: Enartis Tan Microfruit can be added any time wine comes in contact with oxygen.

Recommendations: Color stability; macro-oxygenation; micro-oxygenation; fruity aromas; reduce herbaceous notes; red and rosé wines.

EnartisTan Clar

  • Micro-granulated ellagic tannins.
  • High reactivity with proteins, it facilitates clarification, improves protein stability and reduces bentonite protein fining.
  • Decrease reductive characters caused by mercaptan formation

Recommendations: Protein removal; clarification; white and rosé wines, decrease reductive characters.


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