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Hideki is a new tannin made of molecular fractions obtained through the selection and purification of gallic, ellagic and condensed tannins that are the most effective in terms of antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. It is meant to be used during wine preparation for bottling as a natural and allergen free replacement for SO2, to protect wine from oxidation and to prevent spoilage by unwanted microorganisms. The combination of different tannins, in terms of composition and structure that are microbiostatic in nature against various pathogens, makes Hideki a suitable tool over a wide range of pH values.

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Maxigum® F

Maxigum® F is a liquid solution of Gum Arabic obtained from Acacia Verek. Maxigum® F undergoes a special treatment that makes it filterable; therefore, it can be added before microfiltration. Maxigum® F is highly effective in preventing color compound precipitation, softening astringency and increasing mouthfeel structure. The free sulfur dioxide in Maxigum® F provides a long shelf-life and permits its use after microfiltration without any microbial contamination concerns.

EnartisTan FT

A blend of condensed tannins, mainly extracted from fresh, physiologically ripe, white grape seeds. These proanthocyanidinic tannins interact with anthocyanins (the molecules responsible for color in red wines), binding and protecting them from oxidation. The use of EnartisTan FT in the first phases of vinification allows for better development and retention of color over time. When used in both red and white wine, it helps eliminate herbaceousness, highlight fruit characters and freshen aromas.

Surlì KPA

  • Inactivated yeast adjuvant rich in mannoproteins and potassium polyaspartate (KPA).
  • Preserves acidity and organoleptic quality
  • KPA prevents the precipitation of tartaric acid in the potassium salt form, and thus helps to maintain natural acidity and improve the sensations of freshness and minerality.
  • Inactivated yeast releases the mannoproteins contained in cell walls in a short time.

Recommendations: Helps to preserve the natural acidity of the wine; increases the perception of volume and softness; increases aromatic persistence; increases the shelf life of wine.

EnartisTan DC

Tannin obtained from French oak with extended seasoning and medium-heavy toast. EnartisTan DC helps integrate tannin and reveal notes of barrels such as chocolate and spice aromas, structure and softness found in barrel-aged wines.

Enocristal Superattivo

  • Blend of neutral and acidic potassium tartrate and filtering aids.
  • Rapid crystallizer for cold stabilization of tartrates.
  • Accelerates potassium bitartrate crystal formation and precipitation during cold treatment, without affecting wine pH.

Claril ZR

  • Vegan fining agent made from plant protein, chitosan and bentonite.
  • Designed for the clarification of red wines meant to be tartrate stabilized with colloid addition of Zenith.
  • Removes unstable color compounds, improves wine clarification and filterability and reduces sulfur off-flavors.

Plantis PQ

  • Vegan friendly fining agent made of potato protein and chitosan.
  • Effective in improving wine clarification, filterability and aromatic cleanliness.
  • Removes oxidized and oxidable compounds and, in red wine, it reduces the perception of astringency and dryness.

EnartisZym EZFilter

  • Liquid enzymatic preparation with primary pectolytic and betaglucanase activities and secondary rhamnosidase and hemicellulase activities.
  • Improves clarification and filterability of must and wine due to its ability to hydrolyze pectins and polysaccharides from grapes and polysaccharides produced by microorganisms, such as glucans.
  • Can be used also to accelerate the release of mannoproteins both in fermentation and during maturation on lees.

EnartisTan MEL

  • Liquid preparation of ellagic tannin extracted from toasted American and French oak.
  • Designed to be used during wine maturation to prevent reduction and protect wine from oxidation.
  • In barrel-aged wines, it helps to enhance oak profile (caramel, coconut, coffee and cocoa).
  • The liquid form makes it easy-to-use.


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