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EnartisTan DC

Tannin obtained from French oak with extended seasoning and medium-heavy toast. EnartisTan DC helps integrate tannin and reveal notes of barrels such as chocolate and spice aromas, structure and softness found in barrel-aged wines.

EnartisTan MEL

EnartisTan MEL is an ellagic tannin extracted from French oak, specific for the treatment of white and red wines during aging. It can be used for fining, protein stabilization of white and rosé wines and to reduce the content of iron and other metals.The use of EnartisTan MEL as a wine fining and stabilizing agent prevents and treats the formation of reduction notes, respects structure and organoleptic balance, enhances oak notes in wines aged in barrels.



EnartisTan Unico #3

EnartisTan Unico #3 is a blend of condensed and hydrolyzable tannins. As a result of the unique production process and the distinctive origin of its components, EnartisTan Unico #3 is able to freshen wine aroma by enhancing citrus and floral notes. EnartisTan Unico #3 is particularly suitable for treating wines with slight oxidized and overripe aromas.

EnartisTan Uva

A proanthocyanidinic extract obtained from mature white grape seeds. Its addition to must or wine immediately after primary fermentation facilitates an earlier formation of long-term stable pigments. In white wines, its ability to eliminate unstable proteins can reduce the quantity of bentonite necessary to achieve stability. Moreover, its addition enhances fruit aromas and improves structure, mouthfeel and complexity of white, red and rosé wines

EnartisTan Dark Chocolate

Tannin obtained from French oak with extended seasoning and medium-heavy toast. EnartisTan Dark Chocolate enhances sensory characteristics such as chocolate and spice aromas, structure and softness found in barrel-aged wines. EnartisTan Dark Chocolate also helps integrate tannin and aromatic components of used barrels

EnartisTan Napa

Tannin extracted from toasted American oak. When added during white and red wine maturation, EnartisTan Napa enhances aromas of caramel, coconut, coffee and cocoa, and increases wine structure and sweetness. EnartisTan Napa also has a good antioxidant effect and can be added to used barrels to reintegrate their original content of tannin and improve their impact on color stability. In some cases, it can reduce wine bitterness and astringency.

EnartisTan Cœur de Chêne

A blend of ellagitannins extracted from the same wood used for barrels, seasoned at length in open air, and then toasted. EnartisTan Cœur de Chêne can be used to prolong the life span of barrels. It contributes hints of vanilla and spice to wine and produces a soft and well-balanced tannin structure.

EnartisTan Elevage

EnartisTan Elevage is extracted from lightly toasted French oak. It is very effective in treating and preventing the formation of reductive aroma. For this reason, it is well-suited for the treatment of wines on lees. It can also be used to increase structure and aromatic complexity, imparting elegant vanilla, caramel and licorice notes.

EnartisTan Superoak

EnartisTan Superoak is a tannin specifically designed for addition during maturation. Its balanced blend of oak and condensed tannins makes it well-suited to improve color stabilization of red wines and is designed to be used during micro-oxygenation. The sensory profile is characterized by distinct sensations of volume and softness as well as light aromas of toasted oak. EnartisTan Superoak is effective in releasing aromas of wines that have been aged in barrels and to freshen light red and white wines.

EnartisTan Rich

EnartisTan Rich is a mixture of condensed and oak tannins. In red wines, it protects against oxidation, helps stabilize color and contributes to sensory quality by enriching the bouquet with pleasant aromatic notes of oak and increasing structure. In white wines, it improves sensory characteristics and contributes to protein stabilization and clarification.


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