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The MicroOx system offers wineries the opportunity to diffuse with precision measured quantities of oxygen, hence providing solutions for various winemaking objectives.

The innovative software and flow detector technology adapt automatically to variations in temperature and pressure, according to the oxygen dosage quantity selected, consequently providing highly precise results. Each winery can choose between pre-loaded or specific programs in order to have a dosage suitable for any type of wine.

MicroOx has the capacity to improve yeast health during the fermentation, reduce reductive aromas, fix color, promote mouthfeel and increase tannins during aging and imitate barrel aging when used with oak alternatives.

On request, personalized systems can be created.

Application options: Micro-oxygenation (mg/L/month), Macro-oxygenation (mg/L/day), Personalized (mg/L).

MicroOx (from 1 to 5 dosing points)

MicroOx is a system that allows for the micro/macro oxygenation of musts and wines with an accurate oxygen supply measured in weight (mg/s).

Oxygen addition by weight is the only way to accurately dose the oxygen supply. The number of chemical reactions that occur in the presence of oxygen are determined by the number of oxygen molecules added to the must/wine. In the same volume of oxygen, the number of molecules present depends on the temperature and pressure, therefore only the dosage by weight can allow for the identification of the exact quantity (number of moles) of oxygen added to the liquid.

MicroOx does not require particularly high input pressure and compensates for potential pressure variations in output (independent from the input pressure) in order to maintain a constant oxygen supply during the whole treatment. The equipment has efficient auto diagnostic and safety systems, and therefore there is an immediate stoppage in the case of malfunctions.

MicroOx can be used for three types of oxygenation:

  • MICRO: a micro-oxygenation that lasts one month (in mg/L/month).
  • MACRO: a macro-oxygenation that lasts one day (in mg/L/day).
  • PERSONALIZED: an oxygenation of a chosen length, maximum one day (in mg/L/chosen time).

The system guarantees a linear and constant supply since it does not use dosage chambers but rather sensors that measure the gas supply in real time. A powerful microprocessor and an advanced software system make the necessary calculations in order to maintain the desired oxygen supply in weight during the whole treatment.

MicroOx Perlage (from 1 to 5 dosing points)

MicroOx Perle is a micro/macro oxygenation system for autoclave made sparkling wines (Charmat method).

The unit works with a maximum output pressure of 9.5 bar and therefore can be used during any stage of the second fermentation: during the “pied de cuve” preparation to encourage yeast multiplication, during the first phases of the second fermentation to increase yeast alcohol tolerance at low temperatures and high pressure, and at the end of the second fermentation to eliminate reductive notes.

The main features of the equipment are:

  • Maximum dosage precision in autoclave.
  • Maximum flexibility of use. MicroOx Perle can be used for three types of oxygenation: MICRO (micro-oxygenation that lasts one month, in mg/L/month), MACRO (macro-oxygenation that lasts one day, in mg/L/day), PERSONALIZED (oxygenation of a chosen length, maximum one day, in mg/L/chosen time).
  • Very easy to use.

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