Eno Flot 100

The Eno Flot flotation equipment is an ideal substitute for classic must fining systems in the wine production sector.

Flotation allows for a quick and consistent separation of the gross lees from the must, giving a clean matrix ready to ferment.

According to the degree of clarity desired, the winemaker could decide whether to also use fining agents.


– Gas emission attachment with no return valve.

– AISI 316 (EN 733) stainless steel pressurization pump with a closed impeller.

– Cylindrical pressurization device with internal dissolution system.

– Sample valve for flotation tests.

– Pressure reducer for the gas supply.

– Flow meter to adjust the amount of gas to be dissolved.

– Sphere output valve to control the pressurization.

– Electric start/stop equipment breaker.

Flotation unit that allows for a notable simplification of the must fining process, with economic and qualitative benefits.

Flow/pressure: 100 hL/h at 4.5 bar


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