Hideki® is a new tannin made of molecular fractions obtained through the selection and purification of gallic, ellagic and condensed tannins that are the most effective in terms of antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. It is meant to be used during wine preparation for bottling as a natural and allergen free replacement of SO2, to protect wine from oxidation and to prevent alterations caused by unwanted microorganisms. The combination of different tannins in terms of composition and structure, that are microbiostatic in nature against various pathogens, makes Hideki® a suitable tool over a wide range of pH values.
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EnartisTan CIT

A blend of gallic and condensed tannins extracted from exotic species wood. The low temperatures used during the extraction process of the condensed tannin preserve aromatic precursors in the wood that enhances the fruit and floral notes of the resulting wines. These characters are especially evident when paired with high ß-glycosidase activity yeast (EnartisFerm Top Essence, Vintage White, ES181 e QCitrus).

EnartisTan MEL

EnartisTan MEL is an ellagic tannin extracted from French oak, specific for the treatment of white and red wines during aging. It can be used for fining, protein stabilization of white and rosé wines and to reduce the content of iron and other metals.The use of EnartisTan MEL as a wine fining and stabilizing agent prevents and treats the formation of reduction notes, respects structure and organoleptic balance, enhances oak notes in wines aged in barrels.



EnartisPro Perlage

Yeast hulls rich in readily available mannoproteins and amino acids with antioxidant effects. EnartisPro Perlage is suitable for the production of base wines that are fresh, round and balanced. When used in must, it ensures that aromas and color have an antioxidant protection and also that base wines can be stored for several months before the second fermentation.

Citrostab rH

Pre-bottling coadjunct with a balanced formulation made of ascorbic acid, citric acid, potassium metabisulfite and tannin. It is recommended to protect bottled wine from undergoing alteration caused by oxidation: pinking, iron haze, premature and atypical ageing. Each component in the blend reacts in synergy with the others in a calibrated way to block any oxidation that could occur due to oxygen absorption during bottling. Citrostab rH can be used also during bulk wine storage every time it undergoes an operation that causes oxygen absorption.

Citrosol rH

Blend of potassium metabisulfite, citric and ascorbic acid. Citrosol rH is particularly effective in preventing wine spoilage due to contact with the air (color browning, appearance of oxidative flavors, haze and precipitation caused by iron-based complex). These properties allow Citrosol rH to preserve the color, brilliance and bouquet of the finished wine, even after long storage.

EnartisStab SLI

Special blend of yeast derivative, PVPP and untoasted oak tannin, EnartisStab SLI prevents the degradation and oxidation of wine aromas during storage. It is recommended for the protection of wines that have already been clarified, filtered and eventually stabilized and that by consequence, are very sensitive to oxidation. EnartisStab SLI will protect wine from oxidation by providing solids capable of consuming accumulated oxygen while lowering the redox potential.

EnartisTan Elegance

EnartisTan Elegance is a mixture of condensed tannins largely extracted from white grape skins. It possesses an intense antioxidant activity guaranteed to maintain long-term young color hue and aromatic freshness. It enhances fruit and floral notes and increases structure and softness. It can also be used in red wines to enhance fruitiness without imparting astringency.

EnartisTan SLI

EnartisTan SLI is produced from untoasted American oak with a unique process that avoids the use of high temperature. It displays an extraordinary capability of scavenging oxygen and radicals, chelating metals and slightly reducing wine redox potential. For its characteristics, EnartisTan SLI can be used in synergy or as an alternative to SO2 to protect wine from oxidation and to improve its shelf life.

EnartisTan Clar

Microgranulated ellagic tannin with high clarification activity. When used during fining of red wines, EnartisTan Clar allows the preservation of more intense and brighter color. In protein unstable white wines, it reduces the bentonite fining, and in both red and white wines, it helps to preserve the original structure. If necessary, EnartisTan Clar can be used to diminish the reductive characters caused by mercaptan formation

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