EnartisPro Q

Used in fermentation, EnartisPro Q improves the stability and organoleptic quality of future wine due to the synergistic action between its components. Activated chitosan creates an ideal environment for alcoholic fermentation by limiting the development of contaminants and adsorbing compounds toxic to yeast such as copper and short chain fatty acids. Yeast hulls rich in unsaturated fats, sterols and mannoproteins simultaneously improve yeast survival, color stability, aromatic persistence and flavor quality of the wine.

Claril ZW

Claril ZW is designed for the clarification of white and rosé wines that are meant to be tartrate stabilized with colloid addition (Zenith and CMC). It is effective in improving protein stability and eliminating unstable colloids that can affect wine clarification and filterability.

EnartisTan MEL

EnartisTan MEL is an ellagic tannin extracted from French oak, specific for the treatment of white and red wines during aging. It can be used for fining, protein stabilization of white and rosé wines and to reduce the content of iron and other metals.The use of EnartisTan MEL as a wine fining and stabilizing agent prevents and treats the formation of reduction notes, respects structure and organoleptic balance, enhances oak notes in wines aged in barrels.




A bentonite obtained by a special procedure. Its activation rate is designed to obtain a bentonite that combines excellent fining and protein removal properties with a limited volume of lees. In red wine, it is recommended to eliminate unstable color compounds and, together with Goldenclar Instant, for fining before cross-flow filtration.

Pluxbenton N

Natural sodium bentonite in granular form. Pluxbenton N is an excellent protein removal. Pluxbenton N is very effective in reducing riboflavin, the molecule responsible for the “light-struck” defect in white wines. In white and rosé wine, it can be used together with Goldenclar Instant, for white and rosé stabilization and clarification before cross-flow filtration.


Bentonite of pharmaceutical quality. Thanks to its large surface, it is particularly effective in removing unstable protein also of lower molecular weight, and the unstable color. This helps reduce the dosage and minimize the impact on wine aroma and flavor.

Bentolit Super

Powdered calcium bentonite sodium activated. Bentolit Super combines excellent clarification with good protein removal. When used in combination with protein-based fining agents, it helps to improve wine and juice clarity and filterability.

Clairperlage Uno

A blend of selected bentonites and plant proteins, Clairperlage Uno is suitable for the protein stabilization of base wines all while respecting their foaming properties. It assures proper fining of young base wines, protein stabilization and it eliminates components that have a negative effect on foam.

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