Potassium Bicarbonate

Deacidifying agent for wines and musts.

EnartisPro Perlage

Yeast hulls rich in readily available mannoproteins and amino acids with antioxidant effects. EnartisPro Perlage is suitable for the production of base wines that are fresh, round and balanced. When used in must, it ensures that aromas and color have an antioxidant protection and also that base wines can be stored for several months before the second fermentation.

SurlìTan Perlage

SurlìTan Perlage was made to improve structure and persistence of thin wine. Rich in free mannoproteins and tannins, it improves the bubble persistence all while limiting the appearance of reductive notes during the second fermentation.

Enoblack Super

Enological carbon in powder form. It is very effective in decolorizing and removing ochratoxin A (OTA).

Zenith® Perlage®

Solution of A-5D K/SD potassium polyasparate (KPA), mannoproteins and sulfur dioxide, Zenith® Perlage® was specifically designed to prevent potassium bitartrate precipitation in sparkling wines and improve perlage stability. It does not modify wine sensory and filterability, even at low temperature.

Enoblack Perlage®

Compact pellet form decolorizing carbon, Enoblack Perlage® is for must and wine discoloration. The pellet form makes it easy to use and to rehydrate without dust.

Clairperlage Uno

A blend of selected bentonites and plant proteins, Clairperlage Uno is suitable for the protein stabilization of base wines all while respecting their foaming properties. It assures proper fining of young base wines, protein stabilization and it eliminates components that have a negative effect on foam.

Clairperlage Due

Designed to refresh base wines intended for a second fermentation, Clairperlage Due eliminates polyphenols responsible for oxidation, bitterness and excessive color. Efficient and simple to use, it can be used on base wine or directly in the tank during the second fermentation.

EnartisFerm Perlage® D.O.C.G.

Yeast recommended for the production of base wine and sparkling wines fermented in pressure tank. It produces clean, pleasant aromas of white fruits that increase the aromatic complexity without overwhelming the varietal characteristics. On the palate, the resulting wines are fresh and elegant.

EnartisFerm Perlage®

A strain selected for the production of traditional method sparkling wines, it can be used successfully during primary fermentation of white wines. It produces wines with very elegant and clean aromas that express the characteristics of the grape variety and of the region. It is resistant to high sugar and alcohol concentrations, low pH and low temperatures. It allows for complete and quick sugar consumption and avoids the production of undesirable compounds.

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