EnartisTan RF

A blend of condensed tannins extracted from exotic wood species. The low temperatures used during the extraction process preserve aromatic precursors in the wood that enhances the red fruit notes of the resulting wines. These precursors can be liberated by yeast strains (EnartisFerm Red Fruit, EnartisFerm ES488, EnartisFerm Q5 and EnartisFerm ES454) with an intense ß-glycosidase activity. Because of their liberation, the wine is enriched with fruit forward aromas that integrate the varietal aromas.


  • Alkalmazás: wines with increased fruit aromas; color stabilization; red and rosé wines
  • Adagolás: 10-20 g/ton
  • Kiszerelés: 1kg
  • Allergén mentes
  • Bioborkészítésben engedélyezett szerek
  • Kóser
  • Vegán