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Enartis Presents Hideki: The Super-Tannin to
Protect Wine Naturally

Hideki, which means “splendid opportunity” in Japanese, is the result of Enartis’ more than two years research and development on natural polyphenols with initial collaboration with an important Italian Universities in Italy and Spain. Hideki represents a significant step forward in protecting wine with natural products, as it offers effective metal chelation and antioxidant protection, alternatively to or in synergy with sulfur dioxide, to preserve fresh aromas and color. Additionally, it naturally slows the growth of microorganisms that can alter wine composition and organoleptic quality due to the combination of tannins that differ in composition and chemical structure which carry out microbiostatic activity against various potentially harmful microorganisms.

Compared to other tannins on the market, Hideki represents an important step forward in terms of effectiveness due to the combined action of the tannins which have been selected and purified to enhance their antioxidant, antiradical and antimicrobial performances which are rather scarce in traditional products.

Hideki tannin is a great natural way help to produce ever healthier wines. The tannin blend contains a selected tannin and two purified tannins, a combination that increases the microbiostatic spectrum of the product in terms of pH range; a technical, polyvalent tannin, which can be used to make wines less oxidizable, freshen wines, and better manage microbiological spoilage.




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