Allows winemakers to monitor the temperature, humidity and CO² levels in the winery, offering movement […]


Monitors temperature, distance to liquid, and detects sensor movements, optimizing the management of top-offs. Better […]


Designed for Charmat method, monitors temperature and pressure in tanks. Read more


Designed for Champenoise method, measures temperature, pressure and detects bottle movement. Read more

Barrelplus BP1011

Measures temperature and density for better management of fermentation progress and yeast requirements. Read more

Wineplus WP1100

Measures temperature, liquid level and density during the fermentation process. Polycarbonate casing. Read more

Wineplus WP1110

Measures temperature, liquid level and density during the fermentation process. Stainless steel casing with an […]

EE CDS01 – Colloidal Dosing System

Specifically designed for maximum precision and control when dosing colloidal stabilizing agents. Main features: Developed […]

Enartis WIN-IQ: OX

Enartis has developed a new micro-oxygenation device with simplified network control. Enartis WIN-IQ: OX system offers wineries […]

Pro Boera (from 1 to 3 dosing points)

Pro Boera, available with 1,2 and 3 dosing points, was created for use in the […]

MicroOx (from 1 to 5 dosing points)

MicroOx is a system that allows for the micro/macro oxygenation of musts and wines with […]


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