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Pro Boera (from 1 to 3 dosing points)

Pro Boera, available with 1,2 and 3 dosing points, was created for use in the wine and beverage industry for a continuous dosage of Gum Arabic, sulfur dioxide, enzymes, acids, and other liquid additives.

• Detecting the flow of the main product.
• Pumping the set quantity of additive
• Totalling the values measured
• Communication with other electronic medium (PC, printer, palm).

By means of the electronic control panel, the operator can choose the quantity of additive to add manually or automatically.
• Manually, the quantity is programmed with the + and – keys: in this case the flow of Arabic gum is constant.
• Automatically, using the relative keys, the operator chooses the quantity to add in percentual and gives the start command to the system.
As the main product goes through, the magnetic measuring device continuously measures the flow and sent to the electronic control unit. The piston pump, operated by the control unit, supplies the programmed quantity of additive.

Adjustment is done by varying motor rotation speed and feedback adjustment.
• If the quantity of main product supplied varies so will the quantity of additive, to keep percentage constant.
• The quantities supplied are totalised and stored.

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