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I have been using Enartis nutrients almost exclusively for 6 years, and my copper sulfate purchases have dropped significantly, as well as my restart products.

To be able to ensure a fast, clean and complete secondary fermentation in sparkling wine production is key to a successful bottle of bubbles. Nutriferm Revelarom is a fantastic product and I would recommend it to anyone who makes sparkling wine!

Surlì One was a game changer for my 2015 Merlot. It improved the mouthfeel, filled-up the mid-palate, and increased the overall perception of roundness and length of the wine.

Enartis Ferm Q Citrus gave my wines incredible aromatics and massive sensory expression. We frequently perceive distinct notes of pineapple, orange and guava. Enartis Ferm Q Citrus reminds me of landing in Hawaii!

I love the fruity and clean aromas that WS gives to the wine.

We use Cellogum L on our whites and rosés whenever possible. It is the best alternative to chilling for tartrate stabilization and it doesn’t impact the mouthfeel of the wine. Enartis offers the CMC Panel to test if Cellogum L can be used and how much is required to stabilize the wine. They make it easy and convenient – that’s one of the reasons we will continue to use it for years to come.

We started using Claril SP while experimenting with hyperoxidation four vintages ago. Since then, Claril SP has become an SOP for all our hyper-oxidized juices. Up front it helps with settling, lees compaction, and of course color, but in the long run we are making consistently cleaner and better tasting wines that require less work in the finishing stages.

In 2017, I used Enartis Ferm WS on our 2017 Zinfandel and 25% of our Cabernet Sauvignon to produce intense color, rich mouthfeel and balanced tannin structure and was very happy with the results.

Tartaric stability has always been a challenge in winemaking and sometimes is a source of tough decisions right before bottling. Last year, we started encouraging and assisting our customers to use in-line dosing following the final filter; Cellogum L for white wine and Maxigum and Cellogum L for red wine. This practice implied considerable savings in terms of economy and time. Thanks to Enartis, we are happy to provide this convenient tool to winemakers to help them achieve perfect stability in the bottle without the concern of blockage of membranes.

The Enartis Ferm D20 has improved the mouthfeel of our wines while delivering a more balanced wine that had increased phenolics.

We have been using Enartis Tan Fermcolor and Tan Rouge as sacrificial tannins pre and post flash détente. We saw an impressive impact on color stability, mid-palate and wine structure, especially on our Bordeaux varietals and Zinfandel.

I use WS on my late harvest wines; it ferments up to 18% alcohol with no problem.

I’ve been using Nutriferm Energy on red wines at yeast inoculation. It’s a very reliable nutrient that allows smooth and clean fermentations without challenges. Nutriferm Energy respects the aromatic profile of the fruit.

Starting from a no-SO2 trial, using Enartis Stab Micro M has now become a part of my winemaking protocol on all of my red wines. It not only helps me to control spoilage organisms proactively, but also helps to reduce my SO2 addition with a better protection than SO2 on its own.

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EnartisTan SLI

EnartisTan SLI

EnartisTan SLI is produced from untoasted American oak with a unique process that avoids the use of high temperature.

It displays an extraordinary capability of scavenging oxygen and radicals, chelating metals and slightly reducing wine redox potential. For its characteristics, EnartisTan SLI can be used in synergy with or as an alternative to SO2 to protect wine from oxidation and to improve its shelf life.

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Zenith Color

Zenith Color

Solution of A-5D K/SD potassium polyaspartate (KPA), Gum Arabic Verek and sulfur dioxide.

Zenith Color is an effective, rapid and easy-to-use tool for potassium bitartrate and color stabilization of red and rosé wines. It assures no changes in quality or characteristics of wine with full color and tartaric stabilization in a single addition. Zenith Color does not significantly modify wine filterability and can be added before microfiltration.

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