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Our Mission

We provide wineries worldwide with innovation and expertise, through oenological products and technical support to improve both winery efficiencies and wine quality.

Today, Enartis is an international network of people that has made the relationship with the protagonists of the wine market the key to its success and that of its customers. The direct presence in the main wine countries of the five continents widens the vision of what happens in the market and allows real-time transfer of information and knowledge available to Enartis customers.


Our Mission

Our History

The most exciting challenge for those who work in the oenology world is to guarantee over time, quality, excellence and innovation.

Internal testimonials

WATER separates the people of the world, WINE brings them together (Anonimous). Nothing could be more true: we speak different languages ​​but the passion for wine unites us.

The differences in habits, traditions and languages ​​do not count if the shared passion is the same. Wine is sharing and respect and, in the whole world, when it comes to wine, relationships take shape and substance.

The beauty of our work? Combine expertise and creativity every day to bring out the winemaking tradition of the future.

Barbara Scotti
Samuele Benelli
Gianni Triulzi


Attention to the environment and social responsibility, values that we transmit every day to our employees, partners and customers.

Confirming our commitment to pursuing energy conservation and protecting the environment, the Italian production center in Trecate has obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001 Certification.
Furthermore, with the Esseco Group we have chosen to apply the Charter of Principles for Environmental Sustainability, promoted by The General Confederation of Italian Industry, to stimulate Italian companies to implement sustainable development models.

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We believe innovation is a discipline and a strategic choice, not a cliché.

The company invests more than 2 million euros in research and development every year, believing in innovation as an opportunity for growth and means to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers.
Each new product is a goal achieved thanks to the daily commitment of the three Enartis research centers in Italy, Spain and the United States, and to numerous collaborations with prestigious international and national research centers like “Italiana Biotecnologie”, a development and research center applied to the oenology in the biological field that studies, selects and produces for us the best yeast to introduce in the market.

Customers testimonials

I have been using Zenith since 2 years now and for me there is no step back from it: great product, easy to use, as simple as an SO2 addition! We have approx 60 different batches of whites and roses each year to bottle, and none of them failed a coldstab trial using Zenith. I have also run some trials on filterability test to see if Zenith would impact the Filterability Index, and it did not. There is also no temperature condition for using Zenith which is great when you work in winter in Central Otago! It just makes my winemaker life easier on pre-bottling times.

During the 2020 harvest Van Loveren used “Nutriferm Vit” as a fermentation aid on there wines and believes the product ensures enough nutrients for the yeast to complete and allow for a stable alcoholic fermentation.

Nutriferm Bianco. A well balanced fermentation nutrient consisting of yeast nutrient, polysaccharides and important tannins that makes it very easy to add during fermentation by adding only one product.
The components are very well thought out to contribute to quality. lt helps to create mouthfeel, fresh aromas and good structure. lt also helps with the ageing potential of the wine.

Q Citrus. Extremely efficient yeast ensuring constant fermentation at cool (12°C) temperatures. One of the few types of yeast that are aptly named as it produces wines that are full and well balanced with aromas of lemon-and orange peel along with citrus. Well suited to Chenin blanc and Colombard and on wines where extremely Iow residual sugars are required. Since starting to use it 4 years ago we have placed increasing orders in subsequent vintages!

Zenith color. The product fits in with our vision of sustainability at Perdeberg. lt allows me quick and cost effective stabilization of my red wines without compromising on quality. lt also gives us quicker route to market.

Since 2012, I have used Cellogum LV20 as one of my preferred tartrate stabilising additives on all my white and rose wines. Using Cellogum LV20 in the cellar makes my life easy, just add the required dosage to the tank and agitate. lt is a very cost-effective product saving me time and money, with the benefit of no blocking of filters during final filtration (0.45um) at bottling. What I love about Cellogum LV20 is that I can use it on very young wines, early in the vintage for early market release, due to its higher value of tartrate loading. Where I usual y had to tartrate stabilise wine with costly physical stabilisation treatments such as cold stabilisation and/or electrodialysis I can now Use Cellogum LV20. lt is a great product to use and I will recommend it to any winemaker bottling white and/or rose wines.

I believe in the concept of continuos improvement and thanks to Enartis vast range of finishing tannins.
We always manage to improve our wines from great to excellent.

We trialed Enartisferm Vintage White on our Unwooded Chardonnay and Grenache Blanc during our 2020 harvest. We were delighted by the resulting wines. The yeast lived up to its promise of increased varietal aromas and increased weight on the pallet. Although fermentation takes place at a moderate speed it is well worth the wait!

Pro Uno. This product is a vital component of building a wine and keeping it fresh. By adding Pro Uno, it helps to build the
mouthfeel, keep the color young and vibrant. We have also found that Pro Uno helps to keep the cultivar expression
much longer.

We have been using Zenith Color for a year now and have done away with the traditional cold stabilization on the red wines. It is cost and time effective.

EnartisZym Arom MP. This is my go to enzyme for my sauvies or any of my thiol driven cultivars. I get very good results with this enzyme, not only aromatically but also with regards to juice recovery. When you give this enzyme its minimum contact time it depectinases all my skins always. I don’t even have to press that long and hard. Wonderful product.

I use EnartisZym Color Plus for better colour extraction during maceration of red wines on the skins. We add it during crushing. I found that wines treated with this product had better colour stability over time during aging. Colour intensity in red wines are also better when using EnartisZym Color Plus vs a control.

Traditionally we have matured our red wine in barrel for 18-24 months at a constant temp, of 15°C.
This way of maturing our red wines in barrel ensured that the wines were protein and tartrate stable without any further interventions, However, things have changed and Eskom -power has become a very expensive luxury. So from end April every year we switch off our Eskom electricity, and this means no more maturation at a constant 15°C. The temperature fluctuates and the wines are no longer tartrate stable after 18 months in barrel. So fortunately there is Zenith Color. I use it on all my red wines and I don’t have to worry about unsightly colour-tartrate deposits in my Wine.

Enartis Pro FT has been a revelation in ensuring wines that are aromatic with a full mouthfeel. In conjunction with Q Citus, Pro FT allows for the assured production of high quality aromatic white wines. A combination that is extremely effective on Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Colombard.

We love to use the Enartis fining tannin range in combination with Surli Velvet to find the perfect harmony in our wines prior to bottling. Their expert advice and attention to customer satisfaction is exemplary. We regard the Enartis South Africa team as part of the family here at Kaapzicht.

Nutriferm WM. A well balanced fermentation nutrient consisting of yeast nutrient polysaccharides and important tannins that makes it very easy to add during fermentation by adding only one product. The components are very well thought out to
contribute to quality, lt helps to create mouthfeel, keeping the aromas fresh and support good structure. The biggest
contribution is the stabilization of the color for long periods. lt also helps with the ageing potential of the wine.

l have been using the Incanto NC range on all red wine fermentation tanks since 2009. Sometimes with oak chips and other times with tannin. Incanto is, for me, a perfect balance between a tannin and an oak powder. I believe it contributes greatly to mouthfeel, colour intensity and stability.

I have been using ES181 more than 10 vears. Without fail it has been a reliable companion helping me produce quality white wines my clients have become accustomed to.

Neoclar AF
The product has had an incredible impact on the quality of my press juices. lt gives me the ability to have a higher fraction. A grade juices and therefor maximize profits on our white wines.

AST. Wonderful product with regards to getting some good protection out in the vineyards, the tractor drivers throw it onto the trailers as soon as the machine offloads. Juice keeps its green colour for very long period due to good protection against oxygen. What I have noticed is how well the ascorbic acid first binds the oxygen then after that the sulphur binds. I gather info from my analyses once the juice arrives in the cellar. I use a drum filter(oxidative) to filter my lees and even then the juice is still green with minimal browning.

Renan Theilloux
Chris Crafford
Pieter-Niel Rossouw
Rianco van Rooyen
Albertus Louw
Anton Swarts
James Ochse
Craig Christians
Pieter-Niel Rossouw
Jean du Plessis
Philip Viljoen
Louwritz Louw
Andre van Rensburg
Rianco van Rooyen
Kayleigh Hattingh
Pieter-Niel Rossouw
Alicia Rechner
Henri Swiegers
Albertus Louw
Philip Viljoen


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Working with us means entering into a dynamic, international and constantly developing environment.
Competence, professionalism, passion for the world of wines and oenology, talent and desire to get involved are the characteristics we are looking for. If you think you are the right person, join us!

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