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Plantis PQ. Plant Protein Boosted by Chitosan

The main reasons to perform wine fining treatments are clarification, stabilization and to remove phenolic compounds imparting unwanted sensory characteristics.


Surlì KPA – Maintain freshness and improve volume

Surlì KPA is a coadjuvant made from inactivated yeast and potassium polyaspartate (KPA) for use during fining to preserve the natural acidity of wine and improve volume.


Table for calculating correct dosage of Citrostab rH

Guidance table to calculate the amount of Citrostab rH needed to consume the oxygen dissolved in wine and the resulting increase in sulphur dioxide and total acidity.


Clarificación del vino previa a la estabilización con Zenith

Antes de usar coloides para la estabilización tartárica, es necesario asegurar la estabilidad proteica y de color a través de una estrategia de clarificación adecuada.


WEIN-SCHÖNUNG für die Weinsteinstabilisierung mittels Kolloiden

Vor der Verwendung von Kolloiden zur Weinsteinstabilisierung müssen die Proteinund Farbstabilität mit einer geeigneten Schönungsstrategie sichergestellt werden.


La chiarifica prima della stabilizzazione tartarica con colloidi

Prima della stabilizzazione tartarica con colloidi è necessario eliminare le proteine e il colore instabile con una chiarifica adeguata.


Wine Fining for tartrate stabilization with colloids

Before using colloids for tartrate stabilization, protein and color stability must be assured with an appropriate fining strategy.


Winemaking Guidelines Smoke Taint – White Wines

Key winemaking steps of white wines when dealing with smoke tainted grapes.


Winemaking Guidelines Smoke Taint – Red Wines

Key winemaking steps of red wines when dealing with smoke tainted grapes.


EnartisZym EZFilter the enzyme that makes a difference

EnartisZym EZFilter is a new and original liquid enzyme preparation based on betaglucanase activity.



Tippek a sikeres almasavbontáshoz

Az almasavbontáson sokan egyszerűen csak az almasav tejsavvá alakítását értik, melyet az Oenococcus oeni baktérium végez.


Miért használunk ezimeket a borászatban?

Derítés, Extrakció, és az Aroma Kifejezése.





EnartisStab Micro M

Chitosan is a clarifying agent with antimicrobial properties obtained by deacetylation of chitin-glucan, a polysaccharide extracted from Aspergillus niger.


Tips for a successful malolactic fermentation

Malolactic fermentation (MLF) is often considered a simple conversion process of malic acid to lactic acid by Oenococcus oeni bacteria.


Why use enzymes in enology?

Fining, Extraction and Aromatic Expression


Loss of aromas and freshness in your wine

Enartis has developed the SLI program dedicated to extending the life of wine and help winemakers who need to preserve the freshness of their wines


Wine with low or zero SO2 addition?

SO2 performs antioxidant, antioxidasic and antimicrobial activities but Enartis can give you a series of product alternatives to give the same benefits whilst producing low or SO2 -free wines.


Perfecting wines naturally

Tannins and polysaccharides are strategic tools because they allow to refine the wine while respecting its quality.


用一抹“天然” 成就一杯美酒

酿酒即艺术,有时也需要“天然”去 修饰。


Easy protocol for a stuck fermentation

A very easy and successful protocol to re-start stuck fermentation developed by Enartis-Vinquiry


Difficult malolactic fermentation protocol

This simple procedure to be applied in the preparation of malolactic bacteria, allows to accelerate the fermentation, increases the alcol tolerance and the bacteria capacity to ferment in diffucult conditions. It can also be used to have better guarantees to obtain a successfull malolactic fermentation.


Tables for calculating sulfiting agent dosages

Tables for calculating correct dosage of sulfiting agents required to acheive the desired level of SO2


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