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Canned Wine: New Information for Preparing Wines for Canning

Canned wine is one of the fastest growing market segments in the wine industry. While this packaging offers a new way for consumers to enjoy wine in a more convenient and portable way, there are things winemakers need to consider when deciding to put wine in a can. One of the major challenges with canned wine is the evolution of reduction after some time in the can. In order to further strengthen this market and inform winemakers about how to prepare wines for canned packaging, Enartis USA is hosting a collaborative webinar with industry experts on canning. This webinar will feature the following presenters to discuss topics related to canning:

George Crochiere
An expert in polymer use for liners in many food applications, George will outline some characteristics of wine can liners and why they are so important for canned wine shelf life.

Neil Scrimgeour
Senior Scientist for the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI), Neil has conducted several experiments related to canned wines, specifically wine constituents which impact reduction in canned wine. His presentation will focus on canned wine market considerations, benchmarking canned wines, oxygen management, and wine variables impact on aluminum migration.

Eric Wilkes
Commercial services group manager for the Australian Wine Research Institute, Eric has extensive experience in successfully integrating new technologies and systems into wine production and improving those already in place. He will be outlining the importance of transition metals and sequestration methods.

Jasha Karasek
Winemaking Specialist with Enartis USA, Jasha will outline Enartis tools and protocols for producing canned wines with longer shelf life.

We will also have a Question and Answer portion for the attendees to ask questions to the presenters.


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