Premium Cabernet Sauvignon. Harvest wine style guideline

There are many ways to make this superior variety and lots of fine-tuning that can be done in order to produce a premium Cabernet Sauvignon.

In this webinar we will talk about wine style and harvest goals, key points during the winemaking process and some new ideas on how to tweak Cabernet Sauvignon wines. We consider numerous winemaking options at a number of stages of the winemaking process. These include:

– At the crusher
– During cold soak
– At yeast inoculation
– During yeast fermentation
– During Malolactic fermentation (MLF)
– And post MLF

Discussion on characteristics that can be altered include:

– Reducing greenness
– Desired aroma and flavour profile
– Enhancing mouthfeel and structure
– Maximising colour retention and stabilisation



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