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Claril ZR

  • Vegan fining agent made from plant protein, chitosan and bentonite.
  • Designed for the clarification of red wines meant to be tartrate stabilized with colloid addition of Zenith.
  • Removes unstable color compounds, improves wine clarification and filterability and reduces sulfur off-flavors.

Claril QY

  • Autolyzed yeast, pre-activated chitosan.
  • clarification of all types of wine
  • Reduces astringency and bitterness.
  • Eliminates unstable color compounds.
  • Reduces reductive and vegetal characters.

Tip: To increase effectiveness, keep Claril QY in suspension in wine for at least 30 minutes.

Recommendations: Allergen-free; vegan; reduce astringency; reduce bitterness; reduce reductive notes; reduce browning.


  • Granulated calcium bentonite sodium activated.
  • Generates limited amount of compact lees.


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