Enocristal Ca

Enocristal Ca is a micronized calcium tartrate selected for wine calcium stabilization. It triggers the formation of calcium tartrate crystals and promotes calcium stabilization process.

Incanto NC SLI

Preparation made of untoasted American oak tannin and yeast derivative. Incanto NC SLI can be used during both fermentation and wine maturation to increase antioxidant protection and wine shelf life. Additionally, it increases the flavor of fresh fruit and enhances softness and volume.

Incanto NC Dark Chocolate

Soluble mixture of tannin extracted from heavy-toasted oak and yeast derivative rich in polysaccharides that mimics the effect of French, heavy-toast oak powder. It enhances toasted oak aromas and aromatic complexity while masking the herbaceous notes from unripe grapes. It increases volume, structure and balance and favors color stability.

Incanto NC Cherry

Soluble mixture of toasted oak tannin, cherry tree wood tannin, yeast derivative rich in polysaccharide and antioxidant sulfur peptides. Incanto NC Cherry promotes color stabilization, prevents oxidation, enhances fresh red fruit notes and increases wine volume, structure and length.

Incanto NC Red

Soluble mixture of toasted oak tannin and yeast derivative that can be used to mimic the effect of medium-plus toasted oak powder or chips. Incanto NC Red decreases green aromas of unripe grapes, prevents reduction and increases color stability. Its use provides notes of toasted oak and increases structure, volume and the sensation of sweetness

Incanto NC

Soluble powder, superior to typical oak alternatives for the fermentation of white and red grapes. It can be used to mimic the effect of medium-toasted oak powder. Incanto NC enhances oak aromas and aromatic complexity, increases roundness, structure and balance and helps color stability.

Incanto NC White

Incanto NC White is composed of oak and acacia tannins and yeast derivative. It can be used during wine fermentation to mimic the effect of untoasted oak powder or chips. Incanto NC White protects juice from oxidation and prevents the appearance of reductive odors. Additionally, it provides light notes of flower and vanilla, increases the flavor of fresh fruit and enhances softness and volume.

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