How are winemakers coping with COVID-19? Perspectives from the Enartis Global Community | Enartis

How are winemakers coping with COVID-19? Perspectives from the Enartis Global Community

It’s safe to say none of us have lived through a pandemic. At Enartis, one of our greatest strengths is our global network. We invite you to spend some time with our community and hear how our colleagues and winemakers in China and Italy are dealing with their current situation. Our Soil Scientist will share what he is experiencing in the vineyard. We will also check in with New Zealand, Australia and South Africa to hear how winemakers are actively managing their harvest operations during this difficult time. And finally, we have invited a Virologist to provide her perspective.


Our hope is that, come harvest, our lives will be back to normal. But in the meantime, we can learn from each other, expand our community and make plans for the future. We hope you will join us.



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