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EnartisTan FF

Blend of tannins extracted from lemon wood and white grape skins. EnartisTan FF has excellent antioxidant capacity. To be used during ageing or pre-bottling of white and rosé wines to freshen aroma, reduce overripe fruit notes, impart softness and protect from oxidation.

EnartisTan FT

A blend of condensed tannins, mainly extracted from fresh, physiologically ripe, white grape seeds. These proanthocyanidinic tannins interact with anthocyanins (the molecules responsible for color in red wines), binding and protecting them from oxidation. The use of EnartisTan FT in the first phases of vinification allows for better development and retention of color over time. When used in both red and white wine, it helps eliminate herbaceousness, highlight fruit characters and freshen aromas.

EnartisTan DC

Tannin obtained from French oak with extended seasoning and medium-heavy toast. EnartisTan DC helps integrate tannin and reveal notes of barrels such as chocolate and spice aromas, structure and softness found in barrel-aged wines.

EnartisTan MEL

EnartisTan MEL is an ellagic tannin extracted from French oak, specific for the treatment of white and red wines during aging. It can be used for fining, protein stabilization of white and rosé wines and to reduce the content of iron and other metals.The use of EnartisTan MEL as a wine fining and stabilizing agent prevents and treats the formation of reduction notes, respects structure and organoleptic balance, enhances oak notes in wines aged in barrels.



EnartisZym EZFilter

Liquid enzymatic preparation with betaglucanase and pectolytic activities. EnartisZym EZFilter improves the filterability of musts and wines thanks to its ability to hydrolyze pectins and polysaccharides from grapes and polysaccharides produced by microorganisms, such as glucans.

EnartisStab Micro

Pure activated chitosan, EnartisStab Micro controls the growth of a large number of unwanted yeast and bacteria that can spoil wine during ageing and/or bottling. EnartisStab Micro is particularly recommended for removing Brett and the off-flavors produced by this microorganism.

EnartisStab Micro M

EnartisStab Micro M is a special preparation of activated chitosan designed for the treatment of cloudy wines, where the content of solids can limit the antimicrobial effect of the pure chitosan. EnartisStab Micro M is effective in reducing a large number of spoilage yeast and bacteria that contaminate must and wine. It can also be used as a non-allergenic alternative to lysozyme for the control of malolactic bacteria.

EnartisStab SLI

Special blend of yeast derivative, PVPP and untoasted oak tannin, EnartisStab SLI prevents the degradation and oxidation of wine aromas during storage. It is recommended for the protection of wines that have already been clarified, filtered and eventually stabilized and that by consequence, are very sensitive to oxidation. EnartisStab SLI will protect wine from oxidation by providing solids capable of consuming accumulated oxygen while lowering the redox potential.


Contains potassium metabisulfite, ascorbic acid and hydrolyzable tannin in carefully balanced amounts to maximize antioxidant and antimicrobial action. When used on grapes, AST provides the antibacterial and antioxidizing protection delivered by sulfur dioxide, while limiting macerating action. It is suitable for the treatment of grapes intended for sparkling wine base, white grapes rich in phenolic substances and for grapes that have been machine harvested. When used in the treatment of must derived from grapes rich in aromatic precursors, it assists in the production of wines with intense varietal aromas. AST is very effective in preventing atypical ageing off-flavors.


Effervescent, granulated potassium metabisulfite designed to be added directly to wine and grapes. When added to wine, it rapidly dissolves on the surface of the liquid, ensuring that its antioxidant effect is maintained where it is needed. Subsequently, it ensures homogenous and rapid distribution of the released SO2 without requiring pump-overs in tank volumes of up to 50,000 liters. When added to the bottom of picking bins, it ensures a rapid release of SO2 minimizing oxidation during transport from vineyard to winery.


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