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Labor constraints and the increasing cost of wine production are driving the optimization of winemaking processes to be: cost-effective, faster, efficient, require less preparation, less consumption of resources such as electricity and water, etc. At the same time, these practices must preserve the desired quality, satisfy the demands of the final consumer and, in addition, have a lower environmental impact.


Increasing overall stability and final wine quality, while reducing labor and time-consuming processes, is increasingly important for winemakers.

The INCANTO NC Range provides immediate results in a precise and simple way due to the selection of specific soluble tannins and yeast polysaccharides. The synergistic action of both components provides antioxidant protection, enhances color stabilization, avoids color absorption, and improves the sensory profile by providing volume, structure, and aromatic complexity.

Enartis has designed each product in this range to meet the winemaking needs that may arise depending on the health of the grapes, harvest, fermentation, and wine storage conditions, whilst being suitable for use during fermentation and/or ageing of any type of wine.

Among its multiple benefits, the following primary effects stand out:

  • INCANTO NC WHITE: Aroma enhancement and antioxidant protection. Excellent for underripe grapes (“Ripen-up” strategy) and to brighten wines.
  • INCANTO NC CHERRY: Aroma enhancement, color stabilization, and antioxidant protection. Excellent for overripe and underripe grapes and providing good balance of fruitiness and freshness. Increases wine structure and length.
  • INCANTO NC CHOCOLATE: Color stabilization. It mimics the effect of heavy toasted oak, increases sweetness perception and body, and adds aromatic complexity.


Yeast inoculation is one of the most crucial steps during the winemaking process. If the correct rehydration and acclimatization steps are not followed, there is a high risk of starter problems and sluggish or stuck fermentations. To avoid these issues, it is necessary to have trained cellar workers paying attention throughout the process, even in the most demanding moments of harvest.

This is why Enartis offers Easytech. A range of yeast strains that guarantee optimal fermentation kinetics, reduce the risk of common rehydration errors as no prior preparation is required prior to inoculation. Additionally, Enartis offers nutrients that, in a single step, allow cellar workers to directly add without prior dissolution.


  • EnartisFerm WS: respects varietal and terroir characters and boosts fruit and spice expression, while contributing to both complexity and structure with soft tannin perception.
  • EnartisFerm AROMA WHITE: produce esters and releases thiols. It is a versatile strain capable of producing exceptional white and rosé wines from various varieties.
  • NUTRIFERM ULTRA: supplies all nutritional factors necessary for yeast metabolism, thus improving the survival rate of cells at inoculation and, consequently, the dominance of the selected strain.
  • NUTRIFERM AROM PLUS: promotes the synthesis of secondary aromas such as esters, significantly increasing aromatic intensity and complexity.


Expecting a harvest with high sugar levels? Want to avoid difficulties during alcoholic fermentation? Learn more about Balanced Nutrition

Understanding and utilizing the balance between various amino acids and ammonia allows winemakers to improve the sensory profile of any wine; avoid sluggish and stuck fermentations; or sensory faults that will affect final wine quality. Ensuring optimal yeast nutrition can help make outstanding wines that reflect the terroir and vintage, despite the challenges.



Refrigeration is one of the main sources of energy consumption in wineries. A temperature variation of 4°C can save 72% of electricity for refrigeration systems, therefore, reducing the time for certain winemaking practices that require cooling, such as settling, is essential to reduce costs and environmental impacts.
Choosing flotation over static clarification is a recommended practice, as it is faster and does not require keeping tanks at low temperatures for long periods of time.
It is not only the technique that can decrease time and costs. Products can reduce them as well:

  • EnartisZym RS: pectolytic enzyme rich in secondary activities which guarantees efficacy and speed, even in varieties notoriously difficult to manage. Resulting in clean juice and compact lees, ready to be inoculated in a few hours.
  • PLANTIS Range: plant-based fining agents developed to improve flocculation speed and fining efficiency. Provide sensory improvement and extend wine shelf-life due to their ability to improve oxidation resistance. Excellent clarifying results are achieved when combined with a high-performance enzyme such as EnartisZym RS.
    PLANTIS AF-L is highly recommended to simplify the clarification process due to its liquid form.


Eliminating compounds that can alter final wine quality is essential to produce a wine without defects in  bottle. One of the most common defects is the oxidation of easily oxidizable compounds, which cause  loss and transformation of color and aroma. Taking action during the early stages of winemaking is fundamental to prevent these defects.
Enartis has developed a range of selective fining agents specifically formulated to meet winemakers needs according to the desired winemaking objective. Among them is the new CLARIL OX, a plant-based fining agent that requires a short preparation time and effectively reduces the potential risk of oxidation. An excellent natural alternative to the use of polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP), currently the most widely used molecule to prevent and treat wine oxidation.

Want to contribute to more sustainable winemaking?

Forget about using PVPP and obtain the same oxidation potential results with CLARIL OX.


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