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Zenith: The Green Revolution in Tartrate stabilization

Say goodbye to cold stabilization and reduce water and energy consumption by 80% and your emissions by 90% with Zenith: Discover the green revolution in tartrate stabilization.

Approved by the TTB for use in the USA in February 2020, Zenith is a revolutionary range of products that guarantee the tartaric stabilization of wines, saving energy and drinkable water thus allowing wineries to improve competitiveness in the market.

In this article we will briefly explain what Zenith is, how it works and why it’s the best choice to save money and make your winery environmentally sustainable.

Cold Stabilization Belongs in the Past

Wine stabilization is a very delicate process and it is of fundamental importance to prevent tartrate precipitation.

One of the most used methods that respects wine quality is cold stabilization. Cold Stabilization consists of cooling wine close to its freezing point, thus causing the precipitation of potassium bitartrate.

Cold stabilization is a process that requires a high consumption of energy and water: consequently, it is hardly sustainable from an environmental point of view.

Wine Stabilization with Zenith

Zenith is a revolutionary product; the result of years of research & development, in collaboration between the universities of Milan, Turin and Zaragoza, the Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economy Analysis (CREA), the Italian Association for Organic Agriculture (AIAB), as well as Australian Wine Research Institute, the Institut Rhodanien, Vinidea and the Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV).

Zenith allows for the stabilization of red, white and rosé wines at any level of instability simply by exploiting the intrinsic properties of potassium polyaspartate, able to resist thermal stress and inhibit the formation of tartrate crystals without altering organoleptic properties of wine. But that’s not all.

Zenith is a perfect product for the wine industry due to its low environmental impact.

Its use consumes little energy, drinking water and labor, thanks to its simplicity and speed of use.

According to Enartis’ calculations, Zenith allows wineries to save up to 80% of energy and drinking water; additionally, greenhouse gas emissions can be cut by 90%.

All these characteristics make Zenith a convenient product not only for producers, but also for the environment: the most suitable choice for those wineries that want to pursue the goal of sustainable production.

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