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EnartisTan CIT

A blend of gallic and condensed tannins extracted from exotic species wood. The low temperatures used during the extraction process of the condensed tannin preserve aromatic precursors in the wood that enhances the fruit and floral notes of the resulting wines. These characters are especially evident when paired with high ß-glycosidase activity yeast (EnartisFerm Top Essence, Vintage White, ES181 e QCitrus).

EnartisTan MEL

  • Liquid preparation of ellagic tannin extracted from toasted American and French oak.
  • Designed to be used during wine maturation to prevent reduction and protect wine from oxidation.
  • In barrel-aged wines, it helps to enhance oak profile (caramel, coconut, coffee and cocoa).
  • The liquid form makes it easy-to-use.

EnartisTan Clar

  • Micro-granulated ellagic tannins.
  • High reactivity with proteins, it facilitates clarification, improves protein stability and reduces bentonite protein fining.
  • Decrease reductive characters caused by mercaptan formation

Recommendations: Protein removal; clarification; white and rosé wines, decrease reductive characters.


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