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Surlì KPA

  • Inactivated yeast adjuvant rich in mannoproteins and potassium polyaspartate (KPA).
  • Preserves acidity and organoleptic quality
  • KPA prevents the precipitation of tartaric acid in the potassium salt form, and thus helps to maintain natural acidity and improve the sensations of freshness and minerality.
  • Inactivated yeast releases the mannoproteins contained in cell walls in a short time.

Recommendations: Helps to preserve the natural acidity of the wine; increases the perception of volume and softness; increases aromatic persistence; increases the shelf life of wine.

Surlì Round

  • Inactivated yeast and condensed and condensed and ellagic tannins.
  • Improves wine oak ageing capacity.
  • Enhances wine structure, balance and aromatic complexity.
  • Improves color intensity and stability.

Recommendations: Structure and roundness; increase wine length; improve mouthfeel; lees ageing; rosé and red wines.

Surlì One

  • Enzymatically treated inactivated yeast.
  • Contributes to protein, tartrate and polyphenol stabilization.
  • Improves aromatic complexity and longevity.
  • Enhances natural sensation of volume and roundness, builds-up mid-palate and improves wine length.
  • Mimics lees ageing, with the security of microbial stability.

Recommendations: Volume and roundness; improve mouthfeel; lees ageing; white, rosé and red wines.


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