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Gum arabic

Stabilizing agent Arabic gum has long been used in enology for its ability to prevent cloudiness, tartaric and color precipitation, and to improve the organoleptic characteristics of wine. Its stabilizing ability is due to its molecular structure consisting of a hydrophilic polysaccharide part and a proteinaceous hydrophobic part. Due to its dual hydrophobic-hydrophilic nature, gum Arabic for winemaking also interacts with other substances in wine such as aromatic compounds, polyphenols and the CO2 produced during second fermentation. Its effect on the organoleptic quality of wine are typically an increase in aromatic stability and volume and the reduction astringency. Enartis has been producing specific Seyal and Verek gum Arabic solutions used in wine for over 40 years for various enological applications.


MAXIGUM PLUS is a liquid stabilizing agent made  of Gum Arabic obtained from Acacia Verek […]

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Maxigum® F is a liquid solution of Gum Arabic obtained from Acacia Verek. Maxigum® F […]

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Citrogum is a clear, almost colorless Gum Arabic preparation with a low calcium content. Citrogum […]

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