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Plant-Based Fining Agents: Free of Animal Proteins

How to eliminate animal protein from winemaking and switch to sustainable and vegan-friendly wine production with Enartis products.

Vegan wine market is expanding: for some years now, the number of consumers looking for products which are free of animal-derived proteins has been growing considerably.

These are demanding consumers who require traceability along the entire production chain: in fact, it often happens that animal proteins are used as additives or preservatives in so-called plant-based products such as wine.
To win over this customer, it is necessary to adopt a policy of maximum transparency.
If you want to obtain vegan or plant-based certification for your wine, you must eliminate all substances that are not of vegetable origin, such as animal protein fining agents, from the production process.

Wine Clarification without Animal Protein

Clarificationis fundamental in winemaking. It is a matter of making wine clear by eliminating impurities and substances responsible for instability and organoleptic imbalance.
For years this process has been possible due to the use of proteins of animal origin, such as fish gelatin, casein and egg albumin.
Today, thanks to Enartis, you can say goodbye to animal protein for clarification and make high quality wines with entirely plant-based and allergen-free products suitable for the production of organic and vegan wines.

Plant-Based andAallergen-Free Fining Agents: Discover Enartis Products

For years, Enartis has been committed to sustainable, organic and environmentally friendly winemaking with vegan clarification products based on vegetable protein.
These products improve clarity and organoleptic characteristics while respecting wine structure.
Here are some plant-based and allergen-free fining agents:
In the Plantis range we have:

  • Plantis AF and AF-P are allergen-free and made from vegetable proteins. They are used for clarification, removing catechins and phenolic substances responsible for browning and bitter taste, and alternatives to gelatin and casein.
  • Plantis PQ, enhanced with chitosan, is for clarification, reducing dryness and astringency of red wine, and to freshen aroma and color.

In the Claril range we have fining agents useful for preparing wines for tartaric stabilization with colloids:

  • Claril ZW is the plant-based fining agent for white and rosé wine. It is enhanced with chitosan and sodium bentonite which prepares wine for tartaric stabilization with colloids, eliminating instability, improving filterability, color and balance, and prolonging shelf-life.
  • Claril ZR is a fining agent for red wines, ideally used in combination with Zenith products, which clarifies, eliminates unstable colloids and coloring matter, improves color, aroma and freshness by minimizing reductive notes and reducing dryness and wine astringency.

By using these products you can help make wine production sustainable, respect the environment, and you can guarantee your customers a wine made with 100% additives and raw materials of vegetable origin, certified plant-based and allergen-free.

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