Incanto Caramel

French oak, medium-toasted. Caramel, cappuccino, toasted sugar, butter, almond, toasted hazelnut, vanilla and light spice. […]

  • Organic compliant

Incanto Complexity

French oak, medium-heavy toast. Complex and subtle aromatic impact: coffee, caramel, vanilla, coconut. Increases structure, […]

  • Organic compliant

Incanto Cream

French oak, medium-toasted. Vanilla, coconut, butter, cappuccino, and licorice. Increases smoothness, volume and sweetness without […]

  • Organic compliant

Incanto Dark Chocolate

French oak, medium plus toast. Dark chocolate, cocoa, black coffee, toasted almond, toasted hazelnut and […]

  • Organic compliant

Incanto Natural

French oak, untoasted. Enhances fruit, vanilla, coconut, cedar and freshness. Preserves aromatic characteristics of wine. […]

  • Organic compliant

Incanto SLI

American oak, untoasted. Respects aromatic characters of grapes/wine and enhances freshness and fruitiness. Increases volume, […]

  • Organic compliant

Incanto Special Fruit

French oak, medium-toasted. Spicy, black pepper, caramel, licorice, vanilla and coconut notes. Enhances freshness, fruitiness […]

  • Organic compliant

Incanto Spice

French and American oak, various toast levels. Very complex and intense spice aroma. Increases smoothness […]

  • Organic compliant

Incanto Toffee

French oak, medium-plus toast. Café macchiato, toasted bread, toasted almond, hazelnut, vanilla, and apricot. Very […]

  • Organic compliant

Incanto Vanilla

American oak, medium-toasted. Vanilla, coconut, Bourbon, honey, tropical fruit, hazelnut, toasted almond, butter. Increases smoothness, […]

  • Organic compliant


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