Fining agents in winemaking can be used for many purposes, including clarification and filterability improvement, prevention of haze and sediment formation, color adjustment, and the removal of undesirable elements, aromas and flavors from wine. Each fining agent has specific properties and reacts with various wine constituents depending on its chemical properties, density of charge and molecular weight. Enartis offers a wide range of products that, in addition to classic protein and inorganic fining agents, includes specific formulations for must clarification and flotation, fining agents for the selective removal of unwanted compounds and Plantis, a line of fining agents free of animal proteins, suitable for vegetarian and vegan wines.


Pure, powder egg albumin for softening and refining the structure of red wines. It eliminates […]

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Finecoll is a granular isinglass which is soluble in cold water. It is useful for […]

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20% liquid solution of high-quality fish gelatin. It is recommended for the treatment of any […]

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Pure potassium caseinate containing over 90% protein. It prevents and treats oxidation, browning and pinking, […]

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