Enological enzymes are biotechnological tools that, in a natural way which is respectful of wine quality and the environment, makes it possible to improve press yield, accelerate clarification and flotation processes, increase the extraction of polyphenols, aromatic precursors and polysaccharides, promote protein and color stability, and improve must and wine filterability. Enartis developed the EnartisZym Range through the combination of knowledge about individual enzymatic activities and practical experience in the winery. The EnartisZym Range is comprised of a series of enzymatic preparations formulated to obtain maximum effectiveness when used in classic and newer applications. In order to offer optimal quality and performance, all EnartisZym enzymes undergo a purification process to remove any potentially harmful activity, such as cinnamilesterase, anthocyanase and oxidase.

EnartisZym 1000 S

An extremely pure and active powder pectolytic enzyme preparation that is particularly useful for the […]

EnartisZym EZFilter

Liquid enzymatic preparation with pectolytic, beta-glucanase and hemicellulases activities. EnartisZym EZFilter improves the filterability of […]

  • Vegan

EnartisZym Quick

EnartisZym Quick is a liquid enzyme developed for juice clarification by continuous flotation. Two basic […]

  • Allergen free
  • Vegan

EnartisZym RS

EnartisZym RS (Rapid Settling) was created to resolve fining problems in musts that are notoriously […]

  • Allergen free
  • Authorized bio
  • Vegan

EnartisZym RS(P)

Purified and highly concentrated pectolytic enzyme in micro-granulated form. Its high content of pectolytic and […]

  • Authorized bio
  • Vegan

EnartisZym RS4F

EnartisZym RS4F is a liquid preparation with high pectolytic activity, suggested for juice clarification when […]

  • Allergen free
  • Vegan

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