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17 January 2018
Enartis News - How to increase the effectiveness of flotation
Why flotation is so important? Flotation is widely used as a juice clarification technique to remove solids in a quick and efficient way.
08 January 2018
From grapes to malolactic fermentation, activated chitosan improves wine quality
In the early stages of vinification, the risk of spoilage microbes growing and consequently the winemaker losing sleep is huge. Enartis Stab Micro M, a preparation based on activated chitosan, is the perfect tool for controlling contaminants from grapes to malolactic fermentation and producing high-quality wines.
Enartis News - Fermentation has finished: time for SO2 management
When both alcoholic or malolactic fermentations finish, a winemaker’s instinct is to add SO2 as soon as possible to protect wine from oxidation or from the risk of microbial contamination. In reality, this action can prejudice wine quality and longevity.
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Enartis News - FAQ on color stability management
Here is a selection of the most frequently asked questions on this interesting topic.
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Enartis News – Rosé wine tips and tricks from harvest through bottling
Rosé wines are defined by their 'pink' colour and their simplicity, elegance and freshness. The production of rosé is delicate and requires controlled winemaking from harvest through bottling.
Enartis News – Rosé wine tips and tricks from harvest through bottling
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